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Как вылечить грыжу позвоночника народными средствами. В наш век сплошной автоматизации и компьютеризации практически каждый второй взрослый человек, особенно горожанин, страдает от болей в спине. Причин тому. Scientists discover why the North Pole is frozen Researchers have discovered the mechanism behind the ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere.

Scientists discover why the North Pole is frozen

Protomelas sp. Late in I was lucky and found a wild caught group that consisted of 1 male and 7 females.

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I placed them in a gal tank as the males can reach 10 plus inches when full grown. Here are some pics of the male.

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Getting fry from this fish has been challenging at first all was good and I had a plus fry in a grow out tank.

Then one day I spotted a Red empress sneaking in during breeding and helping out with the fertilizing every time the liuli left to chase away other fish. I removed the red empress and caught and stripped all holding liuli females and culled all eggs and fry that I had thinking it would be easier to start over and not have to worry about hybrids.

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  • So naturally the fish decided to take a break from breeding at the same time. While waiting for them to start breeding again the 10 Champs that shared the tank with them put on some size and presented a new problem.

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  • Jorg that is truly a stunning male! Almost makes me want some Malawians again! Best of luck with getting some fry some them; more people need a fish that nice in their tanks!

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    When I checked on them after, the female already had a big mouth full and the male was not letting anyone near his spawning area. That male is stunning!

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    Report post. Posted January 25, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted January 25, Beautiful fish Jorg.


    Amazing fish and great pics Jorg. I love it! Boom :boom:.

    Posted January 26, Very nice Jorg. Fishful Thinking.

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    Great shots! I love how you can see the eggs on the sand.

    That is indeed a very stunning male. Great shots of an unusal sequence of events. Posted February 1, Go To Topic Listing.

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